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Mixed-Race Reads: Feed Your Child's Mind

It has not been easy trying to find books that are especially for mixed-race children, over the next few months we will be searching high and low to bring you the best out there .

Travels To Fahdamin-Ra by Chaz Young Travels To Fahdamin-Ra
Chaz Young

Joel and Celestine travel to the magical world of Fahdamin-Ra, where their royal bloodlines provide them with supernatural powers. More...
Across The Savannah by Chaz Young Across The Savannah
Chaz Young

Joel and Celestine are at it again, this time setting out to rescue the lost people of the tribes of Fahdamin-Ra. More...
Even Stevens by Michael Rosen Even Stevens
Michael Rosen

A must for all young football fans this hilarious full colour comic picture book will have you laughing your head off. More...
Payback by Rosemary Hayes Payback
Rosemary Hayes

Halima has her whole life to look forward to. And then she discovers her father's plan to use her to repay a debt. More...
Shifty by Lynn E Hazen Shifty
Lynn E Hazen

People say I'm shifty and not to be trusted. I'm getting into trouble without even trying. More...
Amazons! Warrior Women Of The World by Sally Pomme Clayton Amazons! Warrior Women Of The World
Sally Pomme Clayton

Powerful retellings of strong woman stories from all over the world will inspire and stir your soul. More...
The Death Of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff

The Death Of Jayson Porter
Jaime Adoff

What do you do when both your parents are drug addicts and it seems like there's no escape? More...

Foster Kid by Paul Barber

Foster Kid
Paul Barber

From a life in care to success on the stage. Paul Barber tells it all with humour and warmth. More...

What I Meant by Marie Lamba

What I Meant
Marie Lamba

A hilarious and accessible story for teens about the universal experience of feeling misunderstood.

The Secret Life Of Maeve Lee Kwong by Kirsty Murray

The Secret Life Of Maeve
Lee Kwong

Kirsty Murray
Where do you fit when you're part Irish, part Chinese, part Australian? more...

The Icarus Girl Helen Oyeyemi The Icarus Girl
Helen Oyeyemi

A novel about an extraordinary mixed-race eight year-old growing up in rural Nigeria, between cultures and colours. More...

Jimi & Me - Jaime Adoff

Jimi & Me
Jaime Adoff

A young boy's tale of love, music, loss, unknown siblings and identity interlaced with Jimi Hendrix. more...

Crystal Rain by Tobias S Buckell

Crystal Rain
Tobias S Buckell

A swashbuckling multicultural masterpiece by science fiction writer Tobias S Buckell More...

26a Diana Evans 26a
Diana Evans

Follow twins Georgia and Bessi as they grow up in 80s Neasden with their British father and homesick Nigerian mother. More...



  Have you found any good books for mixed-race children? why not go to our forums and tell us about them. Click here:

Bone By Bone By Bone - Tony Johnstone
A powerful and haunting book, countering the horror of racial hatred with a lyrical tribute to childhood friendship. More...

Black & White - Rob Childs
A story about football for boys and girls with all the things a good football story should have like friendship, teamwork and girls. More...

Mixed - Chandra Prasad
A selection of short stories on the multiracial experience by and featuring mixed-race people. more...

Face Value - Catherine Johnson
A murder mystery set in East London and the seedy worlds of modelling and the London Fashion Industry. More...

Cairo Hughes - Millie Murray
Cairo Hughes is 16, adopted, and loves her family. There’s just one problem. She’s black and they’re not. More...

The Adoption Reunion Handbook
For anyone embarking on a journey to find their birth relatives. Step-by-step guidance on every aspect of adoption reunion. More...

Motherhood Silenced - Ruth Kelly
The reflections of natural mothers on adoption reunions and the assumtions society makes about them. More...

Remember Me - Asher & Martin Hoyles
Thirty short biographies of mixed-race people past and present and their achievements makes for an uplifting read. More...

Sorrelle - Millie Murray
Sorrelle finds herself asking why there is such a gulf between Black and Asian people and whether bridges can ever be built. More...

Black White & Gold - Kelly Holmes
The autobiography of the mixed-race woman whole stole the nation's hearts, winning two gold medals at the Athens Olympics. More...

My Eyes Only Look Out - Margaret McCarthy
What's it like growing up mixed-race in Ireland a predominately white country? Twelve people relate their stories. more...

Black Panther - Marvel Comics
Marvel have come up with a Black super hero who’s an African warrior to be proud of. More...

Noughts & Crosses - Malorie Blackman
Ever wondered what life would be like if the tables were turned? Malorie Blackman gives us her vision. More...

From Caucasia With Love - Danzy Senna
A tale of mixed-race sisters forced onto different paths when their parents seperate. More...



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