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surprised girl Glossary Of 'Mixed-Race' Terminology

Please note most of these terms are derogatory and though they have been used by academics to describe those who are of mixed-racial heritage, Intermix do not condone their use. This list is a record of terms that have been used to enable readers to recognize the meanings and so counteract their misuse.

Allogamy – a derogatory term meaning: cross-fertilisation

Afroasian - refers to people of African and Asian heritage.

Amerasian - ‘The most inclusive term to refer to anyone racially mixed of Asian ancestry. It is also a transnational term referring to racially mixed Asian in other countries. Subsumed under this term are Afroasian, black Japanese, Eurasian, mestiza(o), and hapa (hapa haole). Amerasian originally referred to children of American Asian national origin, usually fathered by white Americans. The term has been used broadly with children fathered by American servicemen in Asia.’ (Root 1996: ix)ii.

Amulatado – a derogatory term meaning: 1. mulatto-like 2. ‘It is derived from a verb amulatar, which literally means 'to be a mulatto' or 'to be mulatto-like'. (Forbes 1988:149)

Biracial - refers to a person whose parents are of two different socially designated racial groups, for example, black mother, white father. In a less commonly used, but perfectly accurate meaning, biracial can also refer to someone who has parents of the same socially designated race, when one or both parents are biracial or there is racial mixing in the family history that is important to the individual.

Bui doi – a derogatory term meaning: less than dust – a term of Vietnamese origin used to describe mixed-race children with American fathers and Vietnamese mothers.

Cafuso – a derogatory term meaning: a. the offspring of Negro and Indian
b. a very dark-skinned, nearly black mulatto.

Cape Coloured – a derogatory term meaning: a person of the mixed White and non-White population of Cape Province in South Africa.

Castizo - pure-bred, pedigree; racially pure; pure-blooded; untainted .

Cholo – a derogatory term meaning: an Indian of Latin America; a mestizo; (U.S.) a lower-class Mexican.

Creole - 1. a. a person of mixed European and African race, especially one living in the West Indies. b. a person who has among her or his ancestors one of the first European people who settled in the West Indies or Spanish America, or one of the French or Spanish people who settled in the southern state of the U.S.A.
2. a. a person of mixed European and Black descent b. a former pidgin language developed into the sole or native language of a community.
Criollo - 1. a. Creole b. (South American) native to America; indigenous; national
crioulo 2. a. any Negro b. any native of Rio Grande do Suls.







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