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surprised girl Glossary Of 'Mixed-Race' Terminology 03

Please note most of these terms are derogatory and though they have been used by academics to describe those who are of mixed-racial heritage Intermix do not condone their use. This list is a record of terms that have been used to enable readers to recognize the meanings and so counteract their misuse.

Luk krung – a derogatory term meaning: child half – originating in Thailand and used to describe mixed-race children who are part Caucasian and part Thai.

- 1. a. mixing; blending b. blend; combination; mixing 2. a mixture or variety of different things 3. ‘A French term for mixed, mélange is a newer term used by many black/white individuals to indicate being of mixed racial heritage with no racial designation.’ (Root 1996: x)

Mestizaje – a derogatory term meaning: a. a cross breeding; miscegenation
b. half-castes.

Mestizar – a derogatory term meaning: to cross breed; race to adulterate by cross breeding.

– aderogatory term meaning: 1. half-caste, half-breed, racially mixed
2. ‘A term originally employed in the Spanish colonies to refer to the offspring of a Spanish parent (almost without exception the father) with a native. 3. ‘A Spanish-origin word, designates racial mixing of someone with Indian and Spanish ancestry. Not commonly used by young multicultural people, it now has a broader meaning, referring to people Latino and European ancestry. Because of the shared Spanish ancestry, this term is also used by older Filipinos and Filipino Americans to refer to multi-generationally mixed or biracial Filipinos.’ (Root 1996: x).

Mestico – a derogatory term meaning: a. mestizo, half-caste, half-breed, half-blood b. crossbred, mongrel.

Metif – a derogatory term meaning: a person with one White and one quarter Black parent.

Metis (-isse) – a derogatory term meaning: 1. mixed race; hybrid 2. (In Canada) a person with one White and one American Indian parent.

Metissage – a derogatory term meaning: miscegenation; crossing.

Miscegenation - 1. the mixing of people of different racial types; esp. the interbreeding of Whites and non-Whites 2. the mixing of races; the production of children by two people of different races 3. ‘Refers to race mixing in intimate dating and sexual relationships. Thus antimiscegenation means against intermarriage or against race mixing. The last antimiscegenation laws were repealed in 1967 by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Lovings v. State of Virginia.’ (Root 1996: x).






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