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The Intermix Positive Contribution Awards

Intermix Positive Contribution AwardThe Intermix Positive Contribution Awards have been created to officially recognise those whose efforts have made a positive contribution to a better world.

Award recipients have come from as far away as Australia, Kenya, the USA and the UK. It is hoped that in time the awards will become a valued prize for others to aspire to.

The awards have been designed by Seni Lawal. Seni, who is of Nigerian and German parentage, used the combination of his African and European influences to create an award that will give recipients an art form they can be proud to display.

Recipients of the Intermix Positive Achievement Award 2003 were:

Maria P P Root

Doris Pilkington Nugi Garimara

Jennie Matthias

Robert Nesta Marley

Ledama Olekina

Asher & Martin Hoyles



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