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Award Winner: Maria P.P.Root

Maria P.P.RootWe honoured Maria P.P.Root with an Intermix Award Positive Contribution Award for her Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed Peoples, which has been adopted by mixed-race individuals all over the world.
Furthermore, Intermix have adopted it as their official motto. Thank you Maria for taking the time to put into words what so many of us feel.

Maria P.P.Root, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in Seattle, USA. She is also the leading published authority in America on the developmental and social issues raised by the 'biracial baby boom.' She has researched and published extensively on the topic of identity development and related topics such as minority mental health, gender and trauma. Dr. Root has edited and authored six books, two of which have won
her awards, Racially Mixed People in America (1992: Sage Publications) and The Multiracial Experience: Racial Borders As the New Frontier (1996: Sage Productions). These books were used by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to facilitate deliberations on an historical change to the U.S. Census for the year 2000: Persons are now able to check more than one box to indicate their race.

Dr. Root has received several career contribution and research awards from the Washington State Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Asian American Psychological Association, and the Filipino American National Historic Society. Her latest book, Love's Revolution: Racial Intermarriage, has just been released.

Maria could not get to the Day of Celebration to accept her award and founder Sharron Hall accepted it on her behalf and read the following speech which Maria sent by e-mail.

'It is a surprise to be recognized for the work I have offered to the mixed race communities because I never did it for recognition, but to validate what is the variety of our normal experiences. Through my work I want to correct stereotypes and to provide road markers that have often been discovered by trial and error by previous generations of multiracial people. I want it to be an easier path for those who come after me and my generational peers and elders.'

To engage in a celebration of mixed-race is to engage in a celebration of humanity with our experience visible rather invisible or the subject of asides. We have existed for eternity and around the world. The more we explore our experiences, the more we will realize our bonds with people with all different backgrounds. Such awareness is towards empowerment of ourselves, and through ourselves, empowerment and validation of all of those whose lives we touch. Difference is cause for growth and learning and CELEBRATION. Thank you very much.'
Maria P.P.Root


Read the Bill Of Rights for Racially Mixed Peoples



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