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Celebrate All Cultures

multiracial groupIt is important to teach your child that differences among people are enriching but also point out positive similarities

As a multicultural family, you should value all cultures. Teach your child that every ethnic group has something worthwhile to contribute, and that diversity is this country's and your family's strength. For example, you might give your mixed race daughter a mixed race doll, but you might also start a collection for her of dolls of many different racial and ethnic groups.

Try to incorporate the art, music, drama, literature, clothing, and food of your child's ethnic group and others into your family's daily life. Invite friends from other cultures to celebrate your holidays and special occasions, and attend their events as well.

While it is important to teach your child that differences among people are enriching, it is also important to point out similarities. For instance, to a young child you might say, 'Your skin is darker than Daddy's, but you like to play music, just like he does, and you both love strawberry ice cream.' As much as you want to celebrate your child's distinctive features, he or she also needs to feel a sense of belonging not only in the family but in society.

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