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Serene Paul

Where Have All The Black People Gone?

Where have all the black people gone?
I look down streets and alleys,
and behind every closed door.
They aren't in any restaurants
can't find them in the stores.

I strain my ears to hear them
I strain my eyes to search,
but I don't see my brotha
their skin's all white as birch.

I know they must exist somewhere,
I can hear their pounding beats.
The rhythms of the motherland,
I hear hip-hop in the streets.

If only I could find someone to ask them where to go.
where can I find a negro - someone darker than the snow?

what happened to the nigga-men that paved these city streets?
were they erased from history by bigots dressed in sheets?

Did they sail off to Africa? Did the tall ships take them back?
cause of all the folks I've seen today not a single one was black.

when to my left I hear it,
a soft and lonesome cry.
it's not to me she's talking,
but I hear her question "why?"

"why after centuries have passed,
why after all these years,
why when I walk through my hometown
do people stop and leer?"

I see her in the corner
but something’s no quite right.
it seems as if she might be black,
but her skin is awfully white.

what happened to you sista?
was it the plague or pox
that washed out your chestnut skin and straightened out your locks?

what happened to me sista?
are you as dumb as they?
nothing happened to me sista,
I was born this way.

what makes your skin so chocolate
is the same that makes mine light.
God put this colour on me
and He thinks I look alright.

If you're lookin' for some coloured folk
get your head out of the ground,
you’re so blinded by a colour scheme
you can't see what's all around.

what exactly are you looking for?
a place where you fit in?
a person's worth is in the heart
not painted on their skin.

people come in different shades,
red, white, yellow, black and brown
when we stop lookin' at colour
only then can love abound."

I search through all the faces
my quest now seems absurd.
Was this the voice of reason
or the voice of God I heard?

I still wonder where the black folk are
'cause I know they must be here.
How can a race of people just up and disappear?

But it doesn't really matter if I can't find my kin,
why pledge allegiance to a group based on the colour of one's skin



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