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Sara Basrai - Get My Drift?

I mean like I live in Hanwell, right?

It's near Southall, yeah?

You know it?


Well, like I'm mixed race, right?

You know what that means, yeah?

Cos if you don't, just say

My mum's white as a sheet

My dad's like Asian, you know?


I think they used to worry

Cos they'd never had mixed race kids before

Didn't quite know what we needed


A bit of Xmas, yeah?

A bit of Diwali - Rama and Sita

Baby Jesus and a love story, ok?

Roti and brown bread,

Dahl and lentils, right?

That's what we eat

You know we's alright

Cos my mum and dad love me

That keeps me strong, yeah?

So I say to my mum and dad

You's the best

You made something beautiful

That's what I am, I knows it

I'm the best this world can offer

I really am

Get my drift?

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