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Lynsey Imbert - Ethnic Minority

Lately I’m being referred to
As an Ethnic Minority,
What is it these people perceive?
When they look at me?

Some people see me as black
And some see me as white,
Some see me as an ethnic minority now
And some just see me ‘as light’.

Those who see me as black
Tend to say this when they’re dissing whites,
‘But we don’t see you like them Lynsey
You’re actually alright!’

Those who see me as white
Will always make comments when we’re alone,
About ‘foreigners’ and ‘refugees’
And ‘Why don’t they f *** off home?’

Now all of a sudden
I’m an Ethnic Minority.
Which doesn’t seem to make any sense
Or apply to me.

I was born in England
And okay I look diverse,
So does that mean people must question me?
When they open their mouth to converse?

It’s weird because I know who I am
But yet all people do is guess,
‘Where are you from? You can’t be from here!’
Telling me like they know best.

Then when they find out I’m mixed raced
Ten hundred questions get asked,
Like ‘Is your mum still with your dad?’
And ‘Can I call you half caste?’

The questions continue wondering
Like ‘What side would you choose?’
As if it’s a game of football
And one side’s got to loose.

It’s like you can’t ever be content
And proud of whom you are,
As if you’re mixed raced
You must be confused by far.

Whenever anyone asks me now
‘So Lynsey where you from?’
I think I’ll answer sarcastically
And say ‘D’you know Hong Kong?’

As I’ve never found being mixed raced a problem
It’s them, who are under the delusion,
That two races can’t be united
So here is my conclusion:

My mum and dad got together
And of course they made me,

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