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Alexx Thompson - I Am

Alexx Thompson I am artist
I am writer, inhaler of earth’s toxins
I am creator yet barely created
I am a mixture of many cultures
Son of two mothers
…only one do I call mom
I am thinker helper of mankind destroyer of lies
I am the center of my own element
I am mind-expanding reality
Trying to escape illusion
I am duality
I am alien
I am black
I am white, yet
I am neither
I am manchild in a Promised Land
I am my own religion
While following none
I am love
I am anger
I am hate
I am the nucleus huddled small as protons
crash into neutrons around my skull
I am naked in the grass
The river you fear to pass
I am divinity
I am the sun breaking through the clouds over Mt. Sinai
I am the film in your camera
And the camera in your hand
I am your greatest fear
I am knowledge
I am desire I am love
I am alone yet surrounded by multitudes
I am the man you step over begging in the street
The earth you walk on beneath callused feet
I am the glass of water beside your bed
The brick in your hand that stained our streets red
I am the blood of slaves
I am the blood of slave’s masters
I am marked for life external
I am ever changing .. eternal
I am Nat Turners revolt
I am Rosa Park’s front seat
I am the colored boy my girlfriend’s folks hoped they’d never meet
I am strength
I am passion
I am listener
I am silence and screams in your ear
I am the history of my past
You never wanted me to hear
I am landscapes of emotion
I am your tears of devotion
I am the needle in your vein
I am pleasure
As your pain.

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