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Twins Girls Rare Occurrence

Kylie and Remi with twins Remee and KianColour variation a million to one.

When Kylie Hodgson gave birth to twin daughters by caesarean section, both her and partner Remi Horder were relieved that both had arrived safely.

As the midwife handed over both girls for Kylie to hold she noticed a difference in their colour. Remee, who weighed 5lb 15oz, was blonde and fair skinned. Her sister Kian, born a minute later weighing 6lb, was much darker.

'It was a shock when I realised that my twins were two different colours,' said 19 year-old Kylie. 'But it doesn't matter to us - they are just our two gorgeous little girls.'

Both Kylie and partner Remi Horder, are mixed race and though it may be no surprise to many mixed-race families to have children of different shades, it is a much rarer occurrence in twins.

According to the Multiple Births Foundation, baby Kian must have inherited the black genes from both sides of the family, whilst Remee inherited the white ones. The odds against of a mixed race couple having twins of dramatically different colours are apparently a million to one.

The twins were born by caesarean in April last year because one of the girls was lying in an awkward position in the womb.

'I didn't see them at first,' added their mother. 'They were both whisked away to be checked over and then the midwife came back and placed them both in my arms.' 'I noticed that both of them had blue eyes,' said Kylie, 'but whilst Remee was blonde, Kian's hair was black and she had darker skin. It seemed strange, but I was feeling so ill that I didn't really take it in at that stage.'

The next day she mentioned the colour difference to her mother, who told her that Remee's skin would darken as she grew older. But as the weeks passed, Remee became lighter still while Kian went darker. And while Remee's eyes stayed blue, Kian's turned brown.

'There are some similarities between them,' said Kylie. 'They both love apples and grapes, and their favourite television programme is Teletubbies. If they haven't seen each other for a few hours, they are so pleased to see each other and will hold out their arms, wanting to hug each other. And their smiles just light up their faces. I'll explain it all to them when they get older about why they look so different.'

Some may argue that Remee and Kian are black and white but to those who know better they are just mixed-race twins.


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