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It Could Be You!

Paris Knight and son KeitonGive seven year-old Keiton a chance of life.

32 year-old Mother, Paris Knight has made a desperate plea for mixed-race donors to come forward and help save the life of her seven year-old son Keiton.

Paris told her heart-wrenching story to the Sun newspaper in a bid to try and reach more potential donors and now are on the case to try and get people to come forward to give Keiton a chance of life.

Keiton has an extremely rare blood cancer and although he is undergoing intensive chemotherapy at the moment the only treatment that can ensure he is on the road to recovery is a bone marrow transplant. The potential donor needs to be mixed-race with one black parent and one white parent and aged between 18 - 44.

Paralysed from the waist down for the past eight months by tumours on his spine, Keiton needs to have a bone marrow transplant in the next three months but because of his mixed-race background and despite a worldwide search, a donor has yet to be found.

The family have organised drive/clinic days where people can go down and give blood to hopefully be the match they are waiting for. If you are not a match to Keiton, then YOU could potentially save another child’s life.

The confirmed dates so far are: Sunday 27th & Monday 28th August at the Notting Hill Carnival, the venue will be the Kensington Temple Church on Kensington Park Road. Time: 11am till 7pm. 27th Sept EC2, 1st Oct N9, 3rd Oct EC1, 4th Oct WC1, 5th Oct WC2. The family have the backing of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust and the Anthony Nolan Trust Tel: 0207 2841234.

A few members have contacted us regarding previous requests for bone marrow donors and have said that staff were not always very helpful and sometimes put them off pursuing their donation. Can we ask that you please persevere, yes we know that the system doesn't always work as well as we'd like it to but that doesn't mean you should give up. They are individuals out there depending on you to help save their lives. Please contact us if you have any problems trying to register as a bone marrow donor and we will ensure that your enquiry is treated seriously.

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