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'luxury Cashews With Cheaper Peanuts'

Lowri Turner and ex husband Nicol BatraLowri Turner's view of mixed-race.

Lowri Turner's recent articles in The Guardian and The Daily Mail might have been intended to come across as that of a woman who's trying to come to terms with having a baby who she says looks nothing like her but look more closely and a very racist attitude shows through.

Lowri denies knowing ex-husband Nicol Batra was not white: 'When I met him, I didn't know his parents were Indian. He didn't look Indian. He didn't sound Indian. He was born in Glasgow. His skin was paler than you might expect.'

Okay so she denies knowing the father was not white, mmm it could true, if highly unlikely and when she says she will leave the cultural education of Ariel to her father's parents because 'she's too tired', we might even be a bit understanding, she is a working single mother of three but when you add this to the other comments Lowri makes, a disturbing picture unfolds.

The author and presenter goes on to talk about her daughter and her mixed-race identity as if it is something so alien she can't possibly be expected to be a good mother to her. 'She seems so alien. With her long, dark eyelashes and shiny, dark brown hair, she doesn't look anything like me.'

'This is a role for which I am utterly unprepared. Part of me thinks I should be playing sitar music to her in her cot, mastering pakoras and serving them dressed in a sari.'

Lowri also gives us her take on the term mixed-race: 'The usual time something is labelled 'mixed' is when it's a packet of nuts and they've bulked out the luxury cashews with cheaper peanuts. I'm not sure I want my daughter to be regarded as an adulterated version of some pure original. Still, it is the most accepted description.'

The mother of three was however quite impressed with the term dual heritage and described it as 'a bit trendy' as if her daughter's racial background was the latest fashion accessory and not as she says like: 'the less attractive connotations of 'mixed-race"

Furthermore her description of mixed-race children as 'pretty dolls - white kids with a nice tan' shows her ignorance and when she then also describes herself as 'the mother of a 'black' child, even if she is more the hue of weak tea than espresso.' We realise just how confused and racist she really is.

We've listed only a few of the negatives in the two articles, click on the links below and decide for yourself.

Is Lowrie racist?
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but why does she feel so alien?' - The Daily Mail

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