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What Would You Have Done?

angry manRace abuse victim Mark Bohonek jailed for attack

22 year-old Mark Bohonek saw red when he woke up at a party and saw racist remarks like White Power, SS, KKK and two swastikas were drawn on his body with marker pen. A highly offensive racist word was also written on his forehead.

Mark had initially taken earlier remarks made against him in good humour. But on waking up and seeing the racial slurs upon his body, things had obviously taken a turn for the worse.

Mark was also beaten by his tormentor and another man and told that he could not leave the flat. It was at this point that he went into the kitchen and returned with a knife and stabbed his victim persecutor epeatedly.

The victim suffered life-threatening injuries. Both his lungs collapsed and one stab wound nicked an artery.

Mark Bohonek, admitted stabbing his 22-year-old victim and was sentenced to three years in jail.

Judge Lady Dorrian told Mark: 'This was clearly a serious and frenzied attack which would normally merit a sentence considerably in excess of four and a half years. However, in view of the provocation involved I will restrict the sentence to three years.'

What else could Mark have done to get himself out of his situation? What would you have done?

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