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Oona In A Spin About Dual Heritage

Oona King'It sounds like a stately home off a minor motorway.'

Politician Oona King is pondering using the term dual heritage after a 'concerned' white person pointed out to her that 'we don't use that term any more'

Oona said in an article in The New Statesman, I find myself in the same boat as my white gran, whom I ticked off for calling black people 'coloured'. But I'm probably worse than my gran, because she was born in 1908, left school at 13, worked in a cigarette factory, and didn't sit around discussing race and multiculturalism. I have no such excuse. 'So what am I these days?'

Oona goes on to say that the term dual heritage, 'sounds like a stately home off a minor motorway. It's completely wrong.'

She then adds, 'I shall now break it gently to the white people reading this: I have reason to believe that you are dual-heritage - just like my gran, though she never knew it. Her father was Scottish, her mother Irish. Though I often describe myself as black, I recognise some truth in the term 'mixed'. Apart from Irish and Scottish, I have African, Hungarian, American, Jewish, Geordie and Native American blood. Not to mention my defining identity, which is British. founder Sharron Hall says,
'There are a few people now using the term dual heritage but to me that can mean anything, it can mean Irish and English or Scottish and French. When I hear the term mixed-race I imagine a person who is a mixture of different races not necessarily a person who may have parents from different countries. To me the term mixed-race is a statement to those who hear it that this is a person who has a particular set of experiences that have been defined by society's social construction of race.'

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Source:The New Statesman

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