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Breeding Between The Lines

Breeding Between The Lines Alon ZivNew book takes two steps backwards.

Mixed-Race individuals may not be too happy with their present position in society but sometimes you can just go too far. Author Alon Ziv's new book Breeding Between The Lines is being advertised as a very dangerous book and there are many people who might agree.

Alon Ziv claims that there is genetic evidence that mixed-race people are more attractive and healthier and makes sweeping statements such as:

'After 18 holes, Tiger Woods probably smells better than Phil Mickelson.'

'Julia Roberts was more likely to have an orgasm with Benjamin Bratt than with Lyle Lovett.'

'Odds are, Lenny Kravitz lost his virginity earlier than Justin Timberlake.'

Alon says that mixed ancestry gives people better genes and stronger, healthier, better-looking bodies.

Sharron Hall founder says: 'Breeding Between The Lines is indeed a dangerous book because there are some out there who just might believe what Alon is saying. Race is a social construct and has very little to do with genetics. There is no evidence to prove that one race is better that another, in fact we are all genetically mixed, there is no such thing as a pure race. Alon's claims are sensationalist and add to the stereotypical image some people have and that we all know is quite far from the truth. We are just as prone to health problems as anyone else and our attractiveness would depend on who is doing the looking and many other social factors.'

'It serves no purpose to pursue such thinking except to make others feel that they are somehow inadequate for not being mixed. Having lived most of their lives not being seen as a whole person most mixed-race people would see such behaviour as taking two steps backwards. Yes its nice to think that somehow you are more special than everyone else but let it be because you have achieved or overcome something in your life not because of genetics.'

'Treated as a work of fiction, Breeding Between The Lines might make for an interesting read but then so would the stories of the high number of mixed-race children in residential care or with mental health problems, now that's reality.'

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