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Glitter Tip Of The Iceberg

Vietnamese hatAdoption used to lure children away from families.

The recent jailing of shamed ex pop star Gary Glitter for sex crimes against young Vietnamese children has highlighted the huge amount of western paedophiles who travel to countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia to abuse the nations' youngsters and leave behind a growing population of fatherless mixed-race children. Glitter himself is known to have fathered several children with the young Vietnamese girls he abused whilst in Vietnam.

But Glitter is not alone and most sex crimes against young children in these countries are not only on the increase but most also go unpunished. With trans-racial adoption on the increase some paedophiles will try to ‘adopt’ a child, offering the families up to $5,000, a fortune in a country where the average salary rarely exceeds $10. Parents often think they are sending their children away to a better life in a western country but instead the children end up travelling with a paedophile for a while, often suffering terrible sexual abuse and are then dumped, sometimes hundreds of miles from their families. Displaced with no money and no way back home, these children usually fall into crime and prostitution to survive.

The opening up of Vietnam to capitalism and the influx of tourists has severely warped the country's economy causing widespread corruption. It also means that the chief of police in some districts now earns less than a barmaid. It's easy to see how paedophile organisations can arrange to operate freely without any interference from the authorities. Those who are caught in the act quickly buy themselves out of trouble and disappear as Glitter himself tried to do.

With Glitter's crimes only the tip of a very large iceberg there is little hope on the horizon for the children who continue to be abused nor for the mixed-race children who will be born as a result of that abuse.



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