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Welcome to From a Mixed-Race perspective!

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spacerKit De Waal
Kit De Waal Gets Penguin Advance For First Novel
And puts her money where her mouth is. more...

spacerstudent reading
US Study Implies Female Students More Likely To Embrace Mixedness
But just how valid is the data?
Remi Joseph Salisbury

Clinton Tells Americans 'We're All Mixed-Race'
But Remi's got his number.


Pick Of The Day


Gina Mei - Who Gets  To Wear A Cheongsam
Who Gets to Wear a Cheongsam?

The politics of cultural appropriation get more complicated when you're mixed-race, like me. more...

Featured Section...
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorIcons

Samuel Coleridge - Taylor- Hailed as the ‘Black Mahler', his Hiawatha's Wedding Feast sold out the Royal Albert Hall. More...


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